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The Don Aldrich Award

The Arnold Bolle Award

Chris Clancy, 2007
Chris Servheen, 2008
Chuck Tribe, 2009
Wendy Ninteman, 2010
Marilyn Marler, 2011
Mack Long, 2012
Chris Brick, 2013
Karen Knudsen, 2014
Erick Greene, 2015
Gary Wolfe, 2016
Diana Six, 2017
Don Peters & Ron Pierce, 2018

The Burk/Brandborg Award

John Pierce, 1998
Gary Holmquist, 2000
Barbara Evans, 2003
Gary Matson, 2004
Michael Howell, 2005
Steve Running, 2006
Land Tawney, 2007
John Wardell, 2008
Kathleen Kennedy, 2009
Bill Geer, 2009

Tom Powers, 2010
Jackie Corday, 2011
Judy Matson, 2012
Jim Rokosch, 2013
Shane Clouse, 2014
Harold & Jan Hoem, 2015
Jonathan “Jack” Ader, 2017
Kathy Hundley, 2018
Kevin Davis, 2022

The Emerging Conservationist Award

The Lifetime Conservation Award

Jim Weatherly, 2016
Kate Davis, 2017
Dale Bosworth.2018
Lance Schelvan, 2019
Greg & Ryen Neudecker, 2020

Donna Gaukler, 2021
Mike Thompson, 2022
George Bettas, 2023
Kathy and Wayne Hadley, 2023
Roy and Susan O’Connor, 2023

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