The Don Aldrich Award

Named after the late and pioneer Montana conservationist Donald Aldrich. While working full time as a Montana Power Company employee, Don volunteered his time and energy to accomplish numerous conservation and environmental protection achievements in western Montana. This is the original award in the conservation-environment awards program, to be presented to an individual for her or his service in the area of natural resource conservation or environmental protection for a long period of time. Would require that the winner have made both a long commitment to and involvement in the field of natural resource conservation or environmental protection. No limitation on field or status of private, professional, or academic involvement. ~ Sponsor: National Wildlife Federation

The Arnold Bolle Award

Named after the late Dr. Arnold Bolle, whose life demonstrated an unparalleled commitment as a professional and as an individual to conservation. Presented annually to the professional in natural resource management or environmental protection. The basic requirement is that the award goes to a person who makes her or his living in these fields whether in the public, private, or academic sectors and the award can honor someone for either lifetime achievement or her or his contribution to the cause of natural resource management or environmental protection in any given year. ~ Sponsor: American Public Land Exchange Company

The Burk/Brandborg Award

Named after conservation writer Dale Burk and the late forest conservationists Ruth and G.M. (Guy) Brandborg, whose efforts on the national forests of Montana and elsewhere on behalf of forest conservation, wilderness and watershed protection over several decades encouraged and inspired individual activism in a variety of forms on behalf of natural resources and the environment. Presented on special occasion to the person whose contributions in a given year are seen as an outstanding individual contribution made in that year to natural resource conservation or environmental protection by a volunteer citizen-activist, with the major criterion being that the honoree has contributed his or her effort as a non-paid volunteer from either individual commitment or as part of an existing conservation-environmental or natural resource organization.

The Lifetime Conservation Award

For Distinguished, well recognized accomplishment in the areas of natural resources or environmental protection over a long period of time.

The Emerging Conservationist Award

Recognizes emerging leadership in the field of natural resource management or environmental protection and a growing potential to enhance natural resource and environmental protection through individual action and effective partnerships.

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